What parents have to say...

"For *** it was learning how to learn.  Your team keeping him accountable for his actions with our help.Most important, the feeling of being successful.  Not lost and no where to turn.


*** is a better young man because spending time with Jamie and Heather."

*** loved the planner. She would maybe use it again this year - but she is thinking that she’s going to try to keep her assignments in OneNote. But I think the tool of the planner is really valuable. Some people are “paper” planner-people; others are digital. Regardless, the discipline of writing your stuff done the same way every day is a huge skill to master

A distraction free environment.
I’ve been our daughter’s coach, tutor, secretary, and nag, which has been terribly stressful. StudyLab has lifted a lot of that off my shoulders. She appreciates working in a calm, focused environment, and I appreciate getting her homework out of our dining room

***valued most knowing she had a certain time allotted for homework. She knew that having the designated time that we were paying for focused and motivated her to work hard and finish as much as she could in that timeframe. 

StudyLab is way more than just a great place for kids to go to get organized and get their homework done. Way more! What it gave our daughter was the ability to go in, on her own, prioritize projects and assignments, set a plan (that she would actually follow) of how to get it done, make realistic goals based on the amount of time she thought the work would take, and then do it and do it well. She did her work independently, but knowing and having the tutors there to assist was a huge game-changer. It gave her the nudges and the extra confidence she needed, but it never took the place of her own personal learning. It’s an awesome place. —