Who, What, When, Where... of StudyLab

WHAT is StudyLab?

StudyLab is a comfortable, structured setting where Middle School and High School students get organized, study better and finish their homework.

WHY StudyLab?

Studying is hard. Organization is a struggle. Starting and finishing homework is difficult. StudyLab helps students (and families) overcome these barriers.  StudyLab’s optimized environment supports students who...


  • Don’t want to work in the evenings.

  • Find assignments to be tedious and difficult to understand.

  • Struggle to focus because of social media and screen distractions.

  • Can’t find enough time for homework.

  • Need to organize and create a plan for success, while building good future habits.

HOW does StudyLab work?

StudyLab is a process – starting with organization/time management.


Upon registration, each student should purchase a StudyLab planner which allows them to schedule daily and long term assignments, tests and after school activities.  Students arriving at StudyLab will check in with their Homework Mentor, who will help them review and update their planner, discuss upcoming assignments and create a plan for the evening. 


The students then settle into their assigned seating to begin work.  StudyLab’s Homework Mentor will keep students on task and provide help when questions arise. 

Students will check out at the end of their session.  This process requires each student to demonstrate their completed work, and discuss with their Homework Mentor a plan for finishing remaining work. 


This overall process solidifies skills each student needs to work independently, self-plan and organize – laying the foundation for success throughout high school, college and life.


StudyLab’s optimized environment provides a place where teens feel comfortable and want to do their homework. StudyLab has a coffee shop feel – a relaxed, safe, distraction-free space for students to work and ask questions to complete their homework.


StudyLab is open evenings and weekends. Sign-up for one-hour time slots, as many as necessary.  Package pricing is also available.


StudyLab was founded by two Moms of Middle and High School students.  One, a former teacher with 15 years of experience, the other a former business person with experience managing details, hectic schedules, and deadlines.  StudyLab employs skilled Homework Mentors who have the ability to answer questions in subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, English and History.  It is their job to help students organize their study time and answer questions as they arise. 


StudyLab also offers specific tutoring.  We will let you know if we feel that your student needs more one-on-one help. 


StudyLab turns homework stress into homework success. We guide each student to become an efficient and skilled learner.