Frequently Asked Questions

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How does StudyLab help students study?

Studying is a behavior, one that’s learned. StudyLab provides a regularly scheduled, distraction-free environment in which your child can study. We also provide monitors who ensure the environment remains conducive for studying, and who assist your child in staying on-task. StudyLab provides both the place and the positive reinforcement for building a successful study and homework habit.

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How do you know StudyLab works?

StudyLab is specifically designed to address several of the most important factors that affect a student’s academic success.



By providing a safe, relaxed, distraction-free environment, we give students a place that allows them to do their schoolwork.

Work Habit.


StudyLab provides a platform for organization and consistency (our planner). With a regular schedule and strong study habits, students will build a strong base that will bode well for them as they continue through their academic careers.



Our Homework Mentors help by assisting students when their homework is difficult, but also by providing a caring, reassuring presence. Our qualified Homework Mentors not only have the academic expertise needed to assist students, they also serve as a guide and provide positive reinforcement when needed.



By helping each student develop an individualized study plan for the evening, StudyLab gives a sense of direction and purpose.



By achieving specific, objective study goals, completing homework regularly and on time, and by developing good study habits, StudyLab gives each student a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their own abilities.

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How many students are studying at the same time?

That depends on factors such as time of day, day of the week, and others, but we limit the number of students in the facility at any time to 16. Our ideal ratio for Homework Mentor to student is 1 to 8. 

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What grade levels benefit most from StudyLab?

StudyLab is designed to work with students in grades 7th-12th .

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Do you guarantee that my child’s grades will improve?

We can’t guarantee that, but we do offer a positive environment in which students can study. We provide guidance so they can complete their homework, as well as prepare for upcoming tests and projects.  We cannot turn in homework, take tests, go to class or pay attention to lessons for them. We give your students tools that are most effective at improving grades.

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What happens if students cause disruptions?

StudyLab exists to provide a safe, learning-conducive environment. If any student causes disruption to that environment, our Homework Mentors will get the student back on task. If disruptions continue or are severe enough, the Homework Mentors can remove the student. If students are unable to refrain from causing disruptions to the study environment or are otherwise behaving inappropriately, they will not be allowed to return.

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How much does it cost?

We have several membership options available with prices starting at $25 per study session.  See the After School Study Plans page for more information.

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Do you provide tutoring?

Yes, but individualized tutoring is not the primary purpose of StudyLab. If we feel your student needs more assistance than our Homework Mentors can provide in the group setting we will contact you to discuss how to best support your student.

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Can I try it to see if I’d like it first?

Yes. You can come for a visit and schedule a free study session whenever you like. If you’d like to tour the facility or try it out, contact us for scheduling.