Let's Get Started

Step by step instructions for getting started at StudyLab

Step 1: Pay Your Set Up Fee to Buy a Planner. 

Step 2: Review Our Study Plan Options: 

Study plan choices are:

  • 1 Hour Study Session

  • A 10 pack session

  • A 20 pack session

  • Unlimited Study Plan


Step 3: Book a study session. 

Students are able to select what day and hour they want to come. If you have an unlimited plan, go here to book your sessions. We suggest you bookmark this page in your browsers or mobile device to have quick and easy access to booking. 

Note 1- Students should expect that they will spend some time, maybe longer than they anticipate, filling out their planners at the beginning of the session.  This time will be reduced as they become more familiar with the process.  The ultimate goal would be for each student to have their planners filled out, to be reviewed before they come in for their session. 

Note 2 - Booking reservations for numbered packages can only be made 1 session at a time. For unlimited booking packages - please see your page for booking. You can book multiple bookings at one time.

Note 3 - For numbered packages, you can track your booking under your account name at the top of the page.

Note 4- If you want to cancel your recurring subscription you will need to contact us at studylabkc@gmail.com.