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ACT/SAT Practice Exam

ACT/SAT Individual Exam Sessions Practice

Cost - $25

STARTING:  Sept 13th, 2020

DAY: Sundays
TIME: 12:00pm - 1:00pm 

One of the most effective ways to study for the ACT/SAT is to run through timed practice exams.  Practice exams help students improve their test taking skills and therefore increase their scores in the following ways:


  • Students can pinpoint their weaknesses in each section and focus their energy on areas of the exam for which they need to improve.

  • Students learn how to pace themselves through each section.

  • Students become familiar with the instructions for each section which increases the amount of time they have to answer questions during the real exams.

  • It is very common for students to suffer from test fatigue.  Practicing test taking, similar to practicing in a sport, helps condition each student to increase their mental endurance.


During these one-hour sessions at StudyLab, students will sit for a section of the exam while being timed.  Each student will choose which section of the exam that they want to practice for that hour.  An answer key, which includes explanations to the answers,  will be given to the students when they are finished. 


ACT/SAT Full Exam Practice

Cost - $100


DAY: Saturday Mornings

Students should arrive by 8:00 a.m.  In some actual testing environments the doors close at 8:00 – so arriving slightly before this time will be important.


Similar to the actual ACT/SAT exam, instructions will be given around 8:15 and the exam will start promptly at 8:30.  There are many benefits to taking practice tests for the ACT/SAT exams, many are mentioned in the section above.  The main purpose of these full test taking sessions is to give each student an opportunity to practice an entire exam in a simulated test environment.  


At the end of each section our “proctors” will grade the exams so students will leave with an idea of how they performed and can focus their efforts on areas for which they need to improve.



To Sign Up for any of our ACT/SAT PREP you will need to send us an email at with the following information:


  • Student’s name, phone number and email

  • Parent’s/Guardian’s name, phone number and email

  • List the student’s school and grade level for the 2020-2021 academic year

  • List the session(s) you want to sign up for


To reserve your spot you can pay in one of the following 3 ways:


  • Credit Card over the phone - call Heather at (816)-309-4913 

  • Stop by StudyLab’s office with your check or credit card (note we do not have normal office hours at this time because of COVID-19).  Please give us a call if you would like us to meet you at the office.

  • Mail in a Check made out to “StudyLab” to the following address:

StudyLab LLC

7611 State Line Road, Suite 135

Kansas City, MO 64114

For questions or additional information, feel free to email us at or call us at the numbers listed below. 



A full refund will be provided to families who cancel 48 hours before the session starts.  


Note – It is our intention to keep our clients and employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Because of this, sessions may need to be altered or cancelled based on recommendation/rules made by the City of Kansas City, Jackson County or the State of Missouri’s COVID-19 phased reopening plan.  We will keep you posted of any changes as we move through the summer.  


Jamie Berg (913) 940-3700  | Heather Johntz (816) 309-4913